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Lauren Kingry, Jacksonville Divorce and Family AttorneyLauren Kingry Law, PA is a Family Law Firm located downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The attorneys are trained and prepared for trial litigation as well as negotiation strategies and mediation settlements. If the circumstances exist, it is the goal of the firm to attempt to move the parties past the expensive, acrimonious stage of dissolution proceedings on to realistic, long-term goals and solutions that benefit the minor children. When settlement is not an alternative, Lauren Kingry Law and staff pride themselves in efficiency and skill in regard to trial litigation.

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It is the philosophy of the firm that clients must be utterly informed regarding the facts, the case law, and the applicable statutes in order to make the best decisions regarding their case, which is, in essence, their life. The firm, with its experience and reputation, is driven to handle the emotional roller coaster that divorce and family law matters entail. When you hire the services of Lauren Kingry Law, you will get piece of mind knowing that your divorce or family law case is handled with experience, skill, and precision.

At Lauren Kingry Law, we believe that a teamwork approach to handling any of your divorce, child custody, child support, equitable distribution, alimony, modification, adoption, and all of family law matters is essential to a positive resolution. At Lauren Kingry Law you will be dealt with on a personal basis by a responsive and knowledgeable member of our team. We understand that each and every case needs to be treated as it is the only case.

If your case is unable to be resolved at mediation and proceeds to trial, you can expect extensive trial preparation. It is our goal that each client required to go to trial, enters the courtroom prepared, informed, and confident.

Lauren Kingry Law offers family law services in the following counties: Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Nassau, Baker and Putnam. Because our Jacksonville Divorce and Family Law Attorneys practice solely in the area of family law, we are able to offer extensive services in the following areas:

Child Support & Modification
Relocation with Children
Alimony Modification
Determination of Assets
Valuation of Marital Estate
Contempt Actions
Temporary Timesharing
Temporary Alimony
Emergency Motions
Termination of Parental Rights
Equitable Distribution
Domestic Violence